Tutorial: Basic arrangement

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Sorry of keeping you guys bored out with my long-worded posts. This time around I found you a pretty good introductory video to get you started. Please keep in mind that the instructor is trained in Ohara school of Ikebana so his method may not suit your style. On another hand, Ohara materials are way easier to find than any ... Read More

Where the entire project starts

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I took a flower arrangement class during the Summer and we started the class by walking through the Red Butte Garden. Ha! Fun days of being the ONLY male in the entire class of... 30+ women. Now that I'm mentioning about the experience, I still remember the hopeless feeling unable to follow the instructor just because we came from vastly different ... Read More

Prolonging the days of cut flowers

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FIRST POST!!! People usually start with their journey which I already documented it under "The Dude", my bio page. I'm also supposed to post something inspirational but, nah, SCREW IT. Let's talk business, it's not like I'm anyone inspiring to begin with anyways. The topic this time was suggested to me by Lee Ann Meads, University of Utah's LDS Insitute ... Read More